Corporate Services

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Corporate Services

Business set up & Support Services

Acting as your corporate partner, Kaith Consultants has a successful track record of providing foreign companies with a secure, transparent, and long-term local partnership, assisting companies and individual investors in setting up and conducting their businesses in compliance with choice jurisdiction laws and regulations.

Kaith Consultants helps clients of all sizes and sector groups. We sit in the background and ensure your company complies with company and commercial laws as well as all labour laws in the region.

Corporate Governance

Kaith Consultants provides advisory services to ensure local companies are fully informed and compliant with in -country laws and guidelines. We can act as a Power of Attorney or as the local General Manager for foreign companies that wish to ensure the local entity is run smoothly and in the interests of stakeholders.

Legal Document Attestation Services

Kaith Consultants offers international businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators with gateway solutions to the emerging African markets. For those seeking to set up a company or branch office, perform business or obtain a visa in Kenya and the wider Africa, most governments require attestation of documentation. This mandatory requirement ensures the authenticity of personal documents, certificates and commercial documentation required for company set-up, residence visa, employment, and more.

Commercial Agency

Kaith Consultants offers a flexible commercial agency solution to provide foreign companies with an on-the-ground local partner to facilitate the sale and distribution of products within Kenya and key African countries. Where products must be registered in the country to be sold, Kaith Consultants provide local representation to register the products with local administrative authorities.

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