HR Consultancy Services

Recruitment Consultancy

Our team offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) by taking on some or all of the recruitment process on behalf of an organization.

HR Legal and Compliance Services

Kaith Consultants’ HR Legal and compliance services ensure that your business is following all of the rules, laws, and policies that protect your workers.

Employment Contracts Reviewing & Drafting Services

Our team assists in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employee handbooks, and other essential HR documentation

Employee Grievance Handling

Our Grievance handling services involves the management of employee dissatisfaction or complaints as may be caused by favouritism...

HR Management Services

This involves; HR Advisory services as per best industry practice, Employees on Arrival & Exit Briefings

Strategic HR Consulting

To increase the productivity and engagement of your employees, we offer advice on people management, organizational development

Payroll Management Services

At Kaith Consultants, we handle all aspects of payroll processing with precision and confidentiality.

Performance Management Solutions

Kaith Consultants’ performance management solutions services involve helping organizations develop and implement systems and processes

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