E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE

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E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE

This license enables business owners to sell their own goods through their own websites or a portal such as Amazon. The fundamentals of setting up the online store in Dubai and managing it can take time to comprehend. Even before you have the product or service ready to be sold on your website, you must understand which e-commerce business licence to apply in Dubai. There are three kinds of e-commerce permits in Dubai:

  • E-Trader’s licence: The e-trader’s licence in Dubai is overseen by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development and is only acquired by UAE and GCC citizens who reside in Dubai. A licence for e-commerce is only available in single ownership.
  • Portal licence: A Portal licence is another E-commerce licence available in Dubai and is known by non-UAE citizens. It is possible to start your online enterprise in Dubai by obtaining a portal licence to connect sellers and sellers. Portal licences are perfect for a website listing that offers services, products, or reservations.
  • Virtual company licence: This license allows overseas investors and non-residents of the UAE to conduct commercial activities within the region and is limited to three areas: computers, programming, and associated activities. It also includes design tasks and services related to printing and advertising.

List of e- commerce license activities;

  • Automotive E-Trading
  • E-Trading for Events Tickets
  • F&B E-Trading
  • Fashion E-Trading in Retail
  • Industrial Equipment E-Trading
  • Jewellery & Precious Stones E-Trading
  • Media Entertainment E-Trading
  • The Home and Office & Personal Utilities E-Trading
E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE

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