Industrial Licence in Dubai, UAE

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Industrial license in Dubai, UAE

Organizations that alter or convert natural resources are granted a Dubai Industrial License. This alteration aims to modify the structure or appearance of products to manufacture or produce new products. These activities include production, segregation, accumulation, packaging, and other related activities. The company must have a physical location within the country to obtain an industrial trade license

List of permissible business activities with a Dubai industrial license.

  • Steel workshops, structural steel, and tools
  • Processing of raw materials
  • Extracting petroleum and metals
  • Fabric and textile production
  • Cast iron & steel
  • Fabrication of appliances and other equipment
  • Bread and other food products are produced
  • Fabrication of paper products
  • Fabrication of metal containers, boxes, and structural steel.
  • Fabrication of insulations, seals, and coatings.
  • Recuperation and treatment
  • Woodworking, furniture, and wood goods manufacturing
  • Paper slitting
  • Chinaware and glass industries
  • Copy of accessories and equipment for agriculture
  • Fixing broken glass and cutting lenses
  • Manufacturing of precious and gold-coloured gemstones
  • Maintenance and manufacturing of light aircraft
  • Meat processing
  • Battery production
  • Creating various home appliances
  • Assembling air conditioner units
  • Production of ornamental and advertising models
  • Producing petroleum products
  • Fabrication of automobiles, motorbikes, and parts
Industrial License in Dubai, UAE

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